AWC strives to conduct its business sustainably in accordance with national and international frameworks with a commitment to take a holistic approach for value creation into consideration throughout the business process from the initial stage to deliver quality service to the customers. The company aims to deliver value to customers and stakeholders as well as continuous value creation by establishing ten principles in sustainable policy to encompass business operation in a sustainable way.

Good Governance

Strict compliance with the law, regulations, rules and code of conduct, adoption of international standards including transparent disclosure of information to stakeholders

Customer Responsiveness

development of AWC’s capacity to excel in responding to the demands of customers and tenants

Manage & Build Capacity throughout the Supply Chain

Raise awareness and understanding of policy and sustainable management framework for customers, business partners, tenants and employees for adoption. Assessment of sustainability of every business partner to promote and improve service and reduce impact from supply chain.

Climate Action

Reduce GHG emissions through building designs that are more energy efficient and increase alternative energy and renewable energy sources and designs our assets to create value, protect the climate, conserve and increase greenspaces

Comprehensive Environmental Management

Reduce environmental impact from operations by assessment of risk in every area starting from construction phase to operation phase to properly prevent and mitigate impact to communities, society and environment

Resource Efficiency

Use water, energy and other natural resources efficiently, promote construction and select materials and manage assets in an environmentally friendly way in accordance with green building approach.

Community & Social Development

Social value creation, promote job creation and income and raise living standards for surrounding communities through investments in social projects including creating spaces for communities for sustainable benefits

Leadership & Human Resources Development

Develop necessary skills and competencies of employees and succession process plans including fostering a supportive environment to attract and retain high-performing individuals and facilitating

Human Rights

Strict compliance with international labor and human rights standards, assess human rights risks with preventive and mitigation measures against human rights violation with reduction of inequality through supply chain.

Continuous Improvement

Monitor, review, evaluate and develop standards in every level of operation of the business to support the continuous improvement of the organization in a sustainable way.