AWC recognizes the importance of anti-corruption.

The anti-corruption policy was implemented to establish clear guidelines and practices to prevent corruption at the company and its subsidiaries in Thailand and other operating countries, while promoting anti-corruption values throughout AWC’s organizational culture. AWC believes in integrity, transparency, and being ethical and in compliance with laws and the Code of Ethics which makes clear that employees are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of corruption, paying bribes, or seeking any form of unjustified benefit.

Anti-Corruption Policy

CAC Declaration of Intent

Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) was founded in 2010 by the country’s 8 leading organizations in the private sector (such as Thai Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Thai Industry, IOD) as a joint force to tackle corruption problem via collective action and was designed to be a platform for companies in Thailand to tackle corruption on a voluntary basis through collective action. CAC promotes the implementation of effective anti-corruption policies in order to create a clean business ecosystem. It has developed a unique certification program which helps companies put in place strong anti-corruption compliance standards. CAC also assumes an advocacy role in graft-fighting on behalf of the business sector.

Corruption is one of the main obstacles to sustainable economic so if the key players in the industry adopt a no corruption business practices, it would significantly change the overall business landscape. As one of the top organizations in Thailand, AWC would like to also take part in this collective action force by showing that we will not tolerate to any kind of corruption. Joining CAC is not only for the benefit of AWC but for the benefit of the whole society where we will help uplifting the standard of our society and our country for the sustainable economy which would eventually be beneficial to all stakeholders.

With clear direction from the Board of Directors of the Company, AWC has declared its intention to participate in the Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (or CAC) on November 19, 2020. Currently, we are working on assuring that our policies/procedures align with anti-corruption framework and practice and that communication to be cascading to all levels within the organization and relevant third parties as appropriate.