Asset World Foundation for Charity (AWFC)

Asset World Corporation (AWC) is committed to improving the livelihoods of communities, society, and the country, having initiated projects and activities for over 10 years. In 2018, AWC established the Asset World Foundation for Charity (AWFC). AWFC implements socially responsible initiatives in line with the company’s sustainability policy, serves as an inspirational platform reflecting the value and impact of its initiatives, and supports businesses within the group by coordinating and organizing proposed charitable activities and ensuring they are implemented with a clear purpose, integrity, and to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Additional Information

Date of Registration/Establishment: 14 November 2018


  1. Promote the importance of the three pillars – the nation, religion, and monarchy.
  2. Establish or support educational institutes to help disadvantaged students.
  3. Establish or support medical institutions and provide medical care to disadvantaged patients.
  4. Support the disabled.
  5. Recognize and honor those who have contributed to improving the lives of others.
  6. Implement community service activities or collaborate with charities in organizing community service programs.
  7. Promote educational opportunities and an improved quality of life.
  8. Promote local knowledge and improve incomes which contribute to sustainable communities.
  9. Promote innovative thinking and developments.
  10. Promote Thai arts, culture and traditions.
  11. Promote and support nature and environmental conservation.
  12. Not engage in political activities.