Understanding issues that are material to the organization is crucial for AWC’s sustainable future. AWC, using a holistic approach to gathering and analyzing information, incorporates risks and opportunities from stakeholders’ perspectives, the different dimensions of AWC’s operations, value chain, the direction of the real estate industry, and sustainability trends to identify and prioritize material issues. in three dimensions.

The Process for Identifying Materiality Issues


Materiality matrix

The materiality assessment clarified in the previous section resulted in the Materiality Matrix, which displays AWC material issues importance based on what’s critical to stakeholders and essential to AWC, simultaneously revealing material issue’s significance.

In pursuing corporate sustainability agenda, AWC has positioned corporate governance and code of conduct as a foundation to operate, climate change as the essence of long-term sustainability, and risk management to safeguard AWC’s resilience. The other issues are captured to strengthen AWC’s abilities and deliver value creation to stakeholders in its entire value chain.

  • 1. Customer Relationship Management
  • 2. Corporate Governance & Code of Conduct
  • 3. Risk Management
  • 4. Supply Chain Management
  • 5. Process and Digital Transformation
  • 6. Data Privacy

  • 7. Climate Strategy
  • 8. Circular Economy
  • 9. Water Management
  • 10. Biodiversity

  • 11. Occupational Health & Safety
  • 12. Human Resource
  • 13. Social & Community Integration
  • 14. Stakeholder Engagement
  • 15. Human Rights

KPI and AWC Materiality Issue

Dimension Materiality Target UNSDGs
Economic & Corporate Governance Corporate Governance & Code of Conduct Zero breach case against business Code of Conduct
Customer Relationship Management create value and provide experiences that exceed their expectations.
Supply Chain Management

collaborate with our business partners to provide products, services and operational standards ensuring maximum quality.

  • 100% acknowledgement of supplier code of conduct
  • Zero breach case against supplier code of conduct
Environment Climate Strategy Reduce CO2 Emission
Energy Increase the proportion of renewable energy resources
Waste Management Reduce food loss & food waste
Social Community and Society Develop, take good care of and Protect community & society the by being responsible and contributing to sustainable future
Occupational Health & Safety
  • Zero Fatality Case