Asset World Corporation (AWC) is committed to growing as a sustainable real estate group and gaining the continued trust and admiration of internal and external stakeholders.


AWC is building a better future by going beyond the norms in property development and management, and providing responsible and sustainable solutions for our stakeholders.

AWC Core Values

“Our AWC Core Values are derived from 5P’s, beginning with “Philosophy” that is the essence of inner strength of our spirit based on the foundation of good ethics and Integrity. We have joined together as part of Asset World Corporation as a team or “People” in unity, to work with Passion creating limitless potentials. Being Goal Oriented, we move forward towards common set of goals which means process of ideas and work or “Process”, in order to create quality work or “Product” that is Customer Centric in providing values on meeting the needs of the customer, and finally Caring or “Public”, which we build our pride together in creating sustainable value for society, community, environment and the country.”

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat
Chief Executive Officer and President
Asset World Corp Public Company Limited

We hold ourselves and others to the highest standards and operate with integrity.
We are passionate and dedicated in what we do and encourage an enjoyable and exciting work environment focused on achieving success.
Result Oriented
We are ready to cooperate to build on our achievements and use our professional expertise to reach our goals.
Customer Centric
We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and providing them with an experience that exceeds their expectations.
We are fulfilling our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders by achieving long-term growth with a focus on sustainability.