AWC Launches 'Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar' at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping, the Highest Landmark Upscale Chinese Restaurant, Enhancing Chiang Mai as a Premier Tourism Destination

28 March 2024
  • Hong's Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar draws inspiration by the legendary singer, ‘Teresa Teng’, who has been an esteemed guest of the hotel since her creation of world-famous music. The design concept is derived from the Hong Miang, a community of Chinese residents in Lanna, blending Chinese and Lanna cultural heritage with traditional furnishings of fine craftsmanship.
  • Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar is a strategic partnership with IHG Hotels & Resorts, positioning Chiang Mai as a center of luxury tourism in the region and strengthening the city as a global tourism destination.
  • Curated by Chinese culinary expert ‘Chong Li’, the menu features traditional Sichuan, Cantonese, and Taiwanese dishes. All ingredients are sourced from local farms in Chiang Mai, ensuring sustainable and organic cultivation practices and generating income for the communities.

Bangkok, March 28, 2024 - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, proudly launches 'Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar' at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping in a strategic partnership with IHG Hotels & Resorts. Positioned on the 16th and 17th floors, this premier dining establishment is poised to become Chiang Mai’s first truly upscale Chinese restaurant with breathtaking views, enhancing the appeal of its Sichuan, Cantonese, and Taiwanese culinary offerings using locally sourced ingredients. By catering to the growing trend of luxury travel and sustainable tourism, the restaurant will elevate Chiang Mai as a center of luxury tourism and a premier destination for global travelers seeking unique and environmentally conscious experiences.

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, President and CEO of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC) said, “I am truly honored to extend a warm welcome to the Governor of Chiang Mai and our esteemed guests as we unveil 'Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar', the highest upscale Chinese restaurant in Chiang Mai. With its fusion of art, culture, and timeless tales, this exquisite establishment is poised to serve the finest traditional Chinese cuisine at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping. Our aim is to not only enhance the sustainable tourism model but also to craft a gastronomic haven that perpetuates Chiang Mai's allure across the globe, particularly captivating the hearts of Chinese travelers who hold Teresa Teng in high esteem. As we embark on this culinary journey, we are confident that 'Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar' will elevate the Chiang Mai experience by immersing guests in a sumptuous blend of dining and the rich cultural tapestry of Chinese and Lanna heritage through its exquisite décor, aligning with the hotel concept of Thailand’s first living museum at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping.”

InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping beckons guests to journey through cherished tales of yesteryears. It holds a special place in history as the favored retreat of the legendary singer, Teresa Teng, during her visits to Thailand. Inspired by this timeless connection, the space has been meticulously reimagined into "Hong's Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar," adjacent to Teng's beloved room. This transformation not only pays homage to Teng's enduring legacy and melodic masterpieces but also invites guests on an immersive journey blending nostalgia and culinary delight, becoming an allure of Chiang Mai's tourism landscape.

At the helm of ‘Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar’ is Chef Chong Li, whose expertise spans across various countries, including Shanghai, renowned as a global culinary center. Chef Chong Li brings a culinary revolution, blending the essence of three renowned Chinese cuisines to present a unique gastronomic experience. This showcases a rich array of Sichuan cuisine, the refined tastes of Cantonese dishes, and the delicate balance of Taiwanese flavors, each meticulously seasoned. Signature highlights include lobster Mapo tofu, sweet and sour squirrel fish with pine nuts, crispy tiger prawns with wasabi, and flavorful Sichuan-style wagyu beef ribs. The dessert menu features chilled mango sago cream with pomelo, refreshing with the sweet aroma of mango and the tangy flavor of Thai pomelo, offering a diverse range of culinary delights. The Sky Bar offers expertly crafted cocktails and Teresa Teng-inspired afternoon tea, complemented by small bites such as deep-fried taro with free-range duck, crispy tacos with fried mushrooms and wagyu beef, and crab meat cones with Sichuan micro herbs. These are served alongside an extensive selection of beverages, including cocktails, wine, and beer. The signature menu is the 1502 Martini cocktail, inspired by Teresa Teng's favourite menu.

Nestled in the vibrant Chang Khlan area at the heart of northern Thailand’s largest city, Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar, styled after a grand mansion from an earlier era, features traditional Chinese furnishings of fine craftsmanship, paying tribute to the legacy of Hong Miang, the historic community of Chinese settlers in Lanna. This design narrative seamlessly intertwines the cultural and trade exchanges between the Chinese and Lanna communities, symbolizing a harmonious exchange of food, art, and culture. At the rooftop bar on the 17th floor, guests will be greeted with a mesmerizing vista that serves as the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable dining experience with the panoramic views of Doi Suthep, the Ping River, and the ancient moat. The restaurant also includes a variety of seating arrangements, featuring a premium Chinese sharing table experience that is perfect for family celebrations or elevating corporate gatherings.

Dedicated to the sustainability practices, 'Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar' aligns seamlessly with the pioneering eco-conscious ethos of the InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping, the first establishment in Chiang Mai to be honored with LEED certification for its eco-friendly design and construction, alongside the prestigious WELL Health-Safety Rating. Embracing a farm-to-table concept, the restaurant carefully sources its ingredients from local farms in Chiang Mai, in collaboration with The Royal Project Foundation Thailand. This ensures that every dish is crafted with the freshest and most sustainable ingredients, while also generating income for the local communities.

“The introduction of Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar will significantly enhance the allure of Chiang Mai, captivating an expanding demographic of discerning global travelers. This venture stands poised to elevate Chiang Mai to even greater heights, solidifying its esteemed position as a premier luxury tourism destination. The strategic position of the restaurant in central Chiang Mai also aligns with AWC’s property development plan for the Lannatique Destination project, a transformative mega mixed-use development set to revitalize the Chang Klan district into a hub of Thai art and culture. By offering an unparalleled culinary and hospitality experience, we expect the restaurant to attract global travelers to Chiang Mai, enriching the local economy and contributing to the sustainable development of Thailand's hospitality sector,” Mrs. Wallapa concluded.

‘Hong’s Chinese Restaurant & Sky Bar' on the 16th – 17th floor of InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping, welcomes guests daily from 12:00 PM for afternoon tea and from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM for dinner. Special promotion for IHG® One Rewards Dining Privileges who can enjoy a 20% discount on your dining bill.

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