AWC Prepares to Launch "AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM," a Global Food Wholesale Hub on June 26th, Joining Forces with a Global Network of Partners to Create the New Benchmark for Food Wholesale Industry

28 March 2024
  • The first comprehensive food wholesale platform, integrating online and offline realms with the concept of "Integrated Wholesale Platform for Non-Stop Opportunity," to create a global food wholesale hub. Trendsetting activities throughout the year will cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, fostering a Food Ecosystem Destination.
  • Online platform: bringing together a network of food buyers, including global hotel chains, restaurants, catering services, airlines, hospital chains, and renowned chefs worldwide. Register on the "PhenixBox" online platform, connecting offline destinations at AFP in the heart of the city.
  • Offline platform: ‘AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM,’ a global food wholesale hub, welcomes buyers with the Food Lounge, Co-Living area, Taste Kitchen, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, auditorium, and many amenities. A Solution Service Center (SSC) caters to chefs and procurement teams, facilitating connections with quality sellers to strengthen growth in the food business.

Bangkok, March 28, 2024 - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, is preparing to unveil 'AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM' or 'AFP', a global food wholesale hub, on June 26, 2024, in response to the increasing interest from entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing global food wholesale sector. AFP features the first fully integrated food wholesale platform, integrating online and offline realms under the concept of "Integrated Wholesale Platform for Non-Stop Opportunity." This innovative platform unites a network of leading food buyers, ranging from global hotel chains, restaurants, catering services, airlines, hospital chains, renowned chefs worldwide. Buyers are encouraged to register on the online platform "PhenixBox" to foster strong joint business growth.

"PhenixBox" is an online platform connecting to offline food destinations in the heart of Bangkok's Pratunam area at AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM. It offers a diverse range of food products across 8 main categories, including frozen and chilled food, dairy products, condiments and raw materials, rice and grains, beverages, coffee and tea, snacks and sweets, and innovative products from leading manufacturers and distributors both domestically and abroad. The platform provides facilities for selecting products and negotiating business, with amenities such as a large Food Lounge area, Co-Living area, Taste Kitchen for product testing, a Solution Service Center (SSC), meeting room, seminar room, auditorium, and space for organizing activities such as Cooking Shows or Food Professional Competitions to foster a continuous Food Community throughout the year. This initiative aims to meet the needs of procurement teams and chefs in the food business, driving strong growth in the industry, strengthening Thailand as a food destination, and establishing it as a global food wholesale hub, creating a Food Ecosystem Destination for trend setting all year round.

AWC invites leading buyers and partners to register on "PhenixBox" to gain direct access to quality sellers and entrepreneurs from around the world, offering the opportunity to Buy at the Best Price and Buy at the Best Choices from Trusted Sellers, providing Buy with Trust for reliability and certification to build buyer confidence, along with Buy with Convenience.

Buyers and sellers at "AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM" will enjoy several conveniences, including the Solution Service Center, a business service center that facilitates connections with certified partners. The ShareShop, a new model for entrepreneurs to support rapid business expansion and efficient cost management. The Taste Kitchen serves as a demonstration kitchen area for presenting new food innovations and allows the sampling of special menus, enhancing the decision-making process through quality ingredients and aesthetic experiences. The Food Lounge, a large area combining workspace with dining options and offers delectable menus from various renowned restaurants, catering to diverse lifestyles. Additionally, the Co-Living area contributes to making it a comprehensive food wholesale destination.

"AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM" will be developed under the concept of "Integrated Wholesale Platform for Non-Stop Opportunity," featuring three key components: Integrated Business Platform: An integrated wholesale platform that connects offline platforms available 365 days a year and online platforms accessible 24 hours a day at your fingertips. Full Assortment: All you need in one place, with products and services from local favorites to global gems. Non-Stop Opportunity: Fully supporting future needs with unlimited business opportunities to promote the potential of both buyers and sellers around the world.

"AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM" is the central hub for food procurement and food wholesale sourcing in the heart of Bangkok, located in the strategic location of the Pratunam Area, with easy connection to the BTS on its doorstep. Covering over 68,000 square meters, it encompasses space for over 800 leading food wholesale shops and more than 1,600 units of Share Shop areas, along with designated service areas to promote and support entrepreneurs' business needs at every stage through a new business model that efficiently manage resources, such as logistics, product storage areas, human resource management and space to enhance the wholesale experience, catering to various lifestyles.

AWC collaborates with global industry partners, including Koelnmesse, one of the world’s leading trade fair organizers from Germany, and Zhejiang China Commodities City Group (Yiwu CCC Group), a state-owned enterprise that develops and manages the world’s largest wholesale market for miscellaneous goods from Yiwu, China, as well as world-class Thai quality food producers such as CPF Global Food Solutions Public Company Limited, Betagro Public Company Limited, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, and Berli Jucker Public Company Limited.

"AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM," in collaboration with leading global business partners, is poised to emerge as the ultimate global destination for food wholesale to facilitate the connections between buyers and entrepreneurs to drive the robust growth of the food business industry. Interested buyers can register to join the "PhenixBox" online platform network by visiting to explore top global sellers together on June 26, 2024. For additional details, please contact us via telephone at 062-591-4053 and 062-196-1614, or by email at and

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