Asset World Corporation boosts confidence by maintaining top hygiene standards with “The Core 5 for Safety and Clean”

22 December 2020

Asset World Corporation boosts confidence in maintaining public safety and hygiene standards under the policies set by SHA (Safety & Health Administration) by enhancing security and cleanliness for all employees, tenants and customers entering AWC's various business units with “The Core 5 for Safety and Clean”;

  • Secure Screening
    Temperature checks for everyone when entering buildings with check-ins to the ThaiChana application
  • Social Distancing
    Observe specific distances between people and limit the number of people at gatherings
  • Super Hygienic Cleaning
    Clean and sanitize frequently-touched surfaces every 1 hour and public areas every 2 hours
  • Support Care Service
    Promote awareness of the need for personal hygiene and cleanliness among people
  • Safety Trace
    Implement visitor data collection for the sake of convenience and accuracy in tracking.