AWC Collaborates with the Thailand Chefs Association to Host the ‘World Junior Chef Championship’ and ‘AEC Chef Academy’ on the Opening of the AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM on June 26, 2024

24 April 2024
  • Synergizing to establish AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM, situated in the heart of the city, enhancing the Food Ecosystem Destination and propelling Thailand as a premier destination for the global food wholesale hub.
  • Gearing up for the 'World Junior Chef Championship', a new international culinary competition, and the 'AEC Chef Academy', a training institute aimed at developing the new generation of chefs into professionals and elevating skilled professionals into world-class chefs, cultivating talent and leadership in the food industry.

Bangkok, Thailand, 24 April 2024 - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, has signed an agreement with the ‘Thailand Chefs Association’, an organization dedicated to enhancing the skills and expertise of chefs and culinary professionals. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the culinary landscape and strengthens the chef industry at AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM or “AEC”, a global food wholesale hub. The partnership includes plans to host the 'World Junior Chef Championship,' an international culinary competition, and the 'AEC Chef Academy,' a culinary training institution. The objective is to cultivate a highly skilled workforce to drive Thailand as a food industry hub, organize events all year-round and foster culinary innovation, enhancing Thailand’s culinary influence and supporting the growth of the global food wholesale sector.

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, President and CEO of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC) said, "AWC is delighted to join forces with the ‘Thailand Chefs Association’ to drive the global food industry at AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM. Together, we have a shared vision to support the growth and advancement of Thailand's food industry, making Thailand a central hub for global cuisine. AWC and the Thailand Chefs Association are committed to creating value for the food industry workforce, aligning with the growth of the food and tourism sectors. 'AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM' stands as a vibrant hub for culinary creativity, hosting events like the World Junior Chef Championship and AEC Chef Academy. This is dedicated to transforming the new generation of chefs into professionals and elevating professional chefs to world-class standards. It plays a crucial role in developing high-quality culinary talents, enhancing their expertise and management skills through strategic collaborations with global hotel partners within the AWC hotel network. These partnerships not only offer career advancement opportunities for chefs and food business executives but also establish 'AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM' as a key connector of culinary professionals from around the world to Thailand, unite the food industry’s workforce, and creating a Food Ecosystem Destination that fosters long-term growth opportunities for Thai tourism.”

Chef Somsak Rarongkam, the President of the Thailand Chefs Association, stated that "The Thailand Chefs Association is committed to creating quality chefs for both domestic and international markets. We believe that skilled culinary professionals are essential factors in fostering growth within the food industry. We are excited to have a hub that gathers high-quality food ingredients from around the world, along with numerous food activity and event areas, at AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM. This partnership with AWC inspires great confidence as we work together to establish a sustainable workforce for chefs and provide spaces where they can showcase their potential to the world. By facilitating new collaborations and innovations within the culinary industry, chefs have the opportunity to partner with food producers and buyers globally. Additionally, organizing various food-related activities promotes a vibrant and robust growth in the food industry throughout the year.”

AWC and the Thailand Chefs Association are preparing to organize various events at the AEC Event Hall within “AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM”, spanning 2,600 square meters, complete with equipment and technology. It is set to host an international culinary competition, commencing with the first phase in June with the 'World Junior Chef Championship.' This competition series allows new generation of chefs to compete for the top title in Thailand, allowing both chefs and food industry professionals to demonstrate their culinary skills and creativity. Additionally, the 'AEC Chef Academy' has been established to train food professionals, leveraging the partnership between AWC and the Thailand Chefs Association to offer comprehensive training courses covering technical culinary skills, security, menu planning, kitchen management, and investment and restaurant management, aligning with global standards and industry trends. Trainees at the 'AEC Chef Academy' benefit from internship and employment with hotels and projects under AWC, as well as a global food business operators’ network under the AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM. Moreover, members of the hotel and food business sectors on the PHENIXBOX platform can select chef trainees for internships and employment, supporting their career growth. Additionally, there will also be a cooking show for the chef trainees to showcase their skills, promoting their potential to become professional chefs in the future.

Prepare for a groundbreaking development in the food industry with "AEC FOOD WHOLESALE PRATUNAM," a global food wholesale hub situated in the heart of Bangkok's Pratunam district. This initiative marks the world's inaugural integration of online and offline realms under the concept of "Integrated Wholesale Platform for Non-Stop Opportunity”, supported by a robust network of esteemed partners to cater to the evolving demands of food professionals, buyers, and enterprises within the rapidly expanding global food wholesale sector. By supporting Thailand as a premier destination for global food wholesale hub, the project is set to launch on June 26, 2024.