AWC Collaborates with Thai Chamber of Commerce and University of Thai Chamber of Commerce for Sustainable Talent Development, Fostering the AWC NextGen Workforce to Strengthen Thailand’s Real Estate and Tourism Sectors

15 January 2024

Bangkok, 15 January 2024 - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, partners with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, a leading educational institution in business and service industries in ASEAN, to sign a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in the development of new generation of talents. This collaboration aims to support the development of a high quality workforce aligned with the needs of global organizations and international labor market. This joint initiative is part of the AWC NextGen Workforce program, in which AWC collaborates with national and world-class educational institutions, including AWC's global partners, to develop a new generation of high-quality professionals, supporting the growth of the real estate and tourism industries in Thailand.

Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and President of the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, said that "The Thai Chamber of Commerce and the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce are delighted to collaborate with AWC, a leader in the real estate industry for diverse lifestyles and tourism. With the growth of various projects nationwide, there is a demand for high-quality personnel in AWC and the tourism industry. This collaboration is crucial for uniting efforts to build a sustainable and robust Thai economy. It combines the potential of educational institutions responsible for producing high-quality professionals, with business organizations specializing in a diverse range of industries. This synergy facilitates knowledge exchange and the joint creation of courses and personnel that meet the rapidly changing business needs, and supports Thailand in becoming a leader in sustainable tourism industry by creating and developing high-quality personnel for future growth."

Associate Professor Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, President of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, said that "The University of Thai Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting knowledge and the development of practical skills for students to become a Practice-University. This initiative aims to enhance students' readiness and confidence as they enter the real world of work. The collaboration between the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce and AWC is designed to provide learning opportunities through real-world experiences for students across all disciplines, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. AWC will serve as a consultant and collaborator in the development of the university's curriculum, and will contribute by sending expert personnel in various fields to serve as instructors or deliver special lectures. Meanwhile, students will have the opportunity to intern with companies within the AWC group, allowing them to learn from experienced professionals in their respective fields. This collaboration extends to AWC's global partners, providing students with real-world work experience and opportunities for future career planning."

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, President and CEO of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), said that "Quality human resources are the cornerstone of sustainable growth. AWC is delighted to collaborate with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, leading educational institutions with a long-standing commitment to the growth of Thailand's business and industry. AWC is eager to participate in the shared vision of developing a sustainable workforce through various activities including sharing knowledge through AWC’s experts, organizing site visits, providing career opportunities, and offering internships within the AWC group, spanning management, investment, and real estate development projects including the retail, wholesale, and commercial real estate projects and the hotel projects which we develop with various global partners. The goal is to enhance students' potential in real-world business. This collaboration reflects AWC's commitment to connecting top-tier educational institutions at both national and global levels in the AWC NextGen Workforce program, with the aim of creating high-potential professionals to drive the sustainable development of Thailand's real estate and tourism industries."

Under the collaboration, AWC reinforces the company’s mission of "Building a Better Future" and its commitment to creating sustainable human resources, or "BETTER PEOPLE," for Thailand. This aligns with AWC's dedication to delivering its concepts and operational philosophy, encapsulated in the "AWC Core Values." These values include "Integrity”, “Passion”, “Result-Oriented”, “Customer-centricity”, and “Caring”. AWC aims to create high-quality outputs that meet customer needs and exceed expectations, contributing with pride to society, communities, the environment, and the nation for a better future of the industry and the country.