AWC Unveils 'Co-Living Collective: Empower Future' Experience at ‘The Empire’, Setting a New Benchmark in the Commercial Building Industry with Innovative Lifestyle Office Model, Strengthening Thailand as a Premier Workplace Destination

18 December 2023
  • Introducing ‘The Empire Residence’: A vast co-living space featuring a distinctive aspect unparalleled by any other office building. Tailored to the work-life integration model, it offers seamless experiences, encompassing home, hotel, office, and retail within unified 'Live, Play, Share, Work' spaces all in one place.
  • Introducing the first office building with a unique work-life integration model aligned with global organizational trends that connects with digital lifestyles. From lobby lounges and Co-Living spaces on G, M and 10th ,11th and 53rd floors to expansive rooftop areas, spanning 55th to 60th floors, it seamlessly integrates diverse lifestyle experiences across a 3,200 sqm complimentary area and 36,000 sqm of additional lifestyle spaces.

Bangkok, 18 December 2023 - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, unveils the "Co-Living Collective: Empower Future" experience at ‘The Empire’, setting a new benchmark in the commercial building industry with an innovative lifestyle office model that aligns with the concept of Work-Life Integration in the modern era. The launch of 'The Empire Residence' on the 53rd floor of The Empire caters to diverse lifestyles for employees across all organizations in the building. These co-living spaces are unparalleled in the industry, fostering knowledge sharing and opening doors to countless new business opportunities. An array of lifestyle spaces is also introduced, from 'Cafe Pittore,' a lobby lounge café on the G floor, to 'EA Rooftop at The Empire' spanning the 55th to 60th floors. Additional spaces on the 10th and 11th floors will also be renovated to become food lounges and meeting facilities, offering over 39,000 square meters of lifestyle spaces. This initiative is strengthening Thailand as a global workplace destination for global organizations and workforce.

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, President and CEO of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), stated that "Today marks a pivotal moment in the real estate industry as AWC brings together the experiences of home, hotel, and office into the ‘Co-Living Collective: Empower Future’, enriching both working and living lifestyles. Aligned with our commitment to position Thailand as a workplace destination, AWC sets a new benchmark by unveiling ‘The Empire Residence’, a home-like space for everyone in the building that seamlessly connects work and life through various lifestyles. Featuring a lobby lounge as a new space for socializing, starting from 'Cafe Pittore,' a luxury hotel-level lobby lounge café open until midnight with 24-hour seating and meeting spaces, the journey continues to 'EA Rooftop at The Empire,' one of the world’s largest F&B rooftop destinations. This concept of 'Co-Living Collective: Empower Future' at The Empire is designed to accommodate the future trend of seamlessly blending work and life, allowing tenants to access shared amenities within the building, enhancing joyful workspaces, and connecting organizations, people, and communities into a learning and sharing ecosystem for collaborative and sustainable living. This model also opens new business opportunities, addressing the needs of leading global organizations seeking a new-era office in the heart of Bangkok’s CBD and supporting Thailand to become a destination for global organizations and workforce.”

“The Empire Residence" is situated on the 53rd floor of The Empire, showcasing a Co-Living space spanning over 1,500 square meters. This vast space stands out prominently in the commercial business industry in Thailand, offering a stunning panoramic view of Bangkok from a lofty perspective. Providing tenants with complimentary access to the innovative space at no additional cost, the Co-Living space is designed to align with the new lifestyle trend of seamlessly work life integration. The interior boasts modern and spacious amenities, encapsulating the four components of contemporary living all within the same space, including:

  • Live - “Ploen Room” is a multi-purpose space tailored for diverse activities, ranging from exhibitions and mini cinemas to dance rehearsal rooms. Within this area, the "Eatery Bar" serves as a communal dining space with a central kitchen, fostering shared moments of enjoyment. The "Drink Bar" enhances post-work hours, providing a delightful view of the twilight sky over Bang Krachao. Complementing this, the "Live Lounge" offers a socializing atmosphere in a playroom setting, creating a space for relaxation.
  • Play - “Karaoke Room” where the soothing sounds of music bid farewell to fatigue. Dive into the excitement of the "Game Room" a zone filled with fun and entertainment, featuring video game consoles and recreational activities for enjoyable moments with colleagues. The "Kids' Room" provides a delightful space for children and families, offering parents peace of mind while their little ones play after school. "Own Time", the yoga and meditation room, providing moments of solitude. Lastly, the "Pets' Room & Pets' Bedroom" comes equipped with amenities for beloved pets, including seating, water bowls, furniture, and play areas.
  • Share - “Mini Gym”, engage in an invigorating workout within the cardio area, furnished with interactive treadmills for fitness enthusiasts. Relish the serene ambiance of the "Nap Lounge" a dedicated relaxation space designed for rejuvenation during the day. Indulge in a revitalizing bathing experience within the "Gents' Room & Girls' Room" dedicated locker rooms for men and women. These facilities feature cutting-edge shower technologies for an invigorating cleanse, along with a sauna and steam room.
  • Work - “Sook Room, Sanook Room, Saran Room & Mini Zone” - The meeting rooms are available in a range of sizes, accommodating diverse needs, from small private rooms to expansive meeting spaces. Reservations can be made conveniently through the "Pikul" application. The "Team Zone" offers a flexible workspace, fostering collaboration through various activities, including seminars. For those seeking a peaceful and comfortable working environment, the "Peace Lounge" provides a quiet space conducive to focused and efficient work, promoting a conducive atmosphere for task-oriented activities.

The Empire proudly introduces "Café Pittore" an Italian-style café with an Asian-inspired ambiance situated on the G floor, designed as a Lobby Lounge format. The café provides ALL-DAY services, catering to customers and tourists alike. It serves as a perfect venue for meetings, relaxation, or daytime work in a soothing atmosphere. The café offers simple yet elevated food and beverage services to hotel-level.

In addition, The Empire has also unveiled “EA Rooftop at The Empire” positioned as one of the world’s largest F&B rooftop destinations, spanning the 55th to 60th floors of the building. The 55th floor introduces the “EA Gallery”, a lifestyle hub with unparalleled panoramic views of Bangkok. Commencing its phased opening with cafes and restaurants from December 2023, it is expected to be fully operational by Q1 2024. The rooftop boasts the exclusive “EA CHEF’S TABLE” on the 56th floor, Thailand’s first rooftop Thai restaurant and the highest Chinese restaurant created by Michelin-starred chefs Ton Thitid Tassanakajohn and Vicky Cheng. Moreover, “Nobu Bangkok” occupies the 57th and 58th floors, while the “Nobu Bangkok Rooftop Bar”, the restaurant and bar are on the 60th floor, marking it as the world’s highest and largest Nobu, serving as the first and only one in Thailand. This comprehensive offering is set to elevate the lifestyle experience for customers and employees within The ‘Empire,’ culminating in a fully immersive experience by Q3 2024.

The Empire introduces a Co-Living space that is unlike any other in office buildings in Thailand, offering tenants a unique living experience today. Alongside this, tenants will enjoy benefits from the “AWC Infinite Lifestyle” (AWI) and the “Pikul” application. These platforms connect tenants and travelers to the entire network of AWC affiliated properties where they can enjoy facilities and the “Office-Home-Hotel-Retail” concept in one touch. This includes: building access, meeting facility reservations, special offers, and much more. The building also plans to enhance services and amenities, including valet parking, drop-off concierge, room service, and guest reception to ensure everyone in the building lives comfortably and happily.

“The unveiling of ‘The Empire Residence’ and the array of new lifestyle spaces within The Empire today goes beyond introducing a new landmark in Bangkok’s office buildings that offers new work-life integration experiences, It also reflects AWC's vision and unwavering commitment to innovation in continuously developing the best products to meet our customers' needs. This initiative sets a new standard in the commercial business industry, presenting a transformative experience within The Empire as the workplace destination that seamlessly integrates with current lifestyles to become 'AWC's Lifestyle Workplace Destination,' blending work and life in an unparalleled manner. It signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of urban living, adding value to employees, customers, communities, society, and the country. This endeavor aims to position Thailand as a world-class destination for global organizations and workforce, solidifying its standing as among the best in the world,” Mrs. Wallapa concluded.