Asset World Corporation joins hands with EA Anywhere and Haup to launch a charging station and car-sharing service in the heart of Sathorn at Empire Tower

17 December 2021

17 December 2021, Bangkok, Thailand - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited or AWC, Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, is committed to conducting its business with environmental responsibility for sustainable growth and long-term value creation by joining forces with EA Anywhere, a provider of charging outlets for plug-in hybrid cars, and Haupcar, a car-sharing service platform, to introduce a charging station for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and a car-sharing service in the heart of Sathorn available for 24 hours every day on the B1 floor at Empire Tower. The electric car rental service starts from 99 baht per hour while FOMM ONE and MG EP car rental service starts from 239 baht per hour. First-time users will receive a 50 percent discount just by entering the EMPIREEV promotional code from now until 31 May 2022.