10 October 2021

AWC Marks 2nd Year on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Affirms “Building a Better Future” Strategy and “Sustainable Development” Intent, Introduces 3 Landmark Projects for driving Thai Tourism

BANGKOK, 10 October, 2021 - Asset World Corp Public Company Limited, or AWC, Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, marked the second anniversary of its listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on 10 October, 2019 with an event underlining its “Building a Better Future” strategy, declaring the intention to adhere to a sustainable development framework, and communicating its investment in a range of real estate projects with three new landmarks to drive tourism and the Thai economy.

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, CEO and President of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited, led staff at all AWC properties across the nation via an online medium in a merit-making event celebrating the second year anniversary of the organization’s listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the ticker “AWC” this past 10 October, 2021. A flagship of the TCC Group, AWC was SET’s largest IPO ever and the world’s largest real estate IPO in the past five years.

Most importantly, the event marked the start of AWC consolidating its projects to balance its portfolio. By bringing together its assets in various sectors, AWC was able to enact a plan for stable growth, which in turn empowered the organization to overcome the COVID-19 crisis that persisted throughout the past two years. With executives and employees unified in maintaining its integrity, AWC is primed to grow by leaps and bounds once the situation normalizes. With confidence in the long-term potential of the tourism industry, AWC has set plans to become an OMNI-Integrated Lifestyle Real Estate organization that amalgamates different types of real estate to create value and fuse the ultimate AWC Infinite Lifestyle.

Mrs. Wallapa explained that the organization’s views on products and services have adapted in accommodation of the New Normal lifestyle, in line with the “Building a Better Future” strategy. It is the organization’s intention to drive sustainability from within towards all of its stakeholders and to establish the belief that all of its personnel can create a positive future for shareholders, customers, employees, communities, the society as a whole, and the nation.

Affirming success in both regards on the second anniversary of its listing, AWC was recently approved as a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (Thai CAC) for the first time earlier this week, with a membership starting from Quarter 2 of 2021, along with being selected for the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) index, having been chosen out of 146 names despite submitting the assessment form for the first time this year.

Notably, 2021 was the first time the appraisal included a pandemic response under the Emerging Risk area of its crisis management assessment. AWC has adapted to the circumstance and prepared to address such challenges in the future while also looking to provide long-term value and exhibit social and environmental responsibility. These preparations have set AWC up to continue to grow sustainably and ensure confidence among investors looking to invest in a business that prioritizes ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Mrs. Wallapa elaborated that AWC’s sustainable business strategy is the overarching driver behind all its operations. The approach is comprised of “Better People”, developing human resources and enterprise models that better communities, “Better Planet”, developments and practices that sustainably preserve the environment and Earth’s resources, and “Better Prosperity”, the establishment of a firm foundation for growth dedicated to the creation of long-term value for the economy. The organization has drawn up a clear plan for participation by its world-class partners to reinforce industries and the overall economy and attract tourists from all over the globe, which will establish Thailand as a world-renowned travel destination in the future.

AWC’s direction moving forward will remain focused on investing in all types of real estate, including Mixed and Merged projects that blur the lines between hotels, retail spaces and offices in line with the modern consumer’s lifestyle. In direct response to the emerging trend, the organization even developed the AWC CONNEXT application, a payment and lifestyle platform based on the AWC Infinite Lifestyle program that will conveniently connect user experiences across AWC properties to deliver even greater value.

AWC’s present portfolio encompasses the entirety of the real estate industry with 18 hotels, 8 retail spaces, 4 office buildings, and 2 wholesale outlets with a total 32 properties. A further 18 new projects are under development in the next five years and will bring AWC’s portfolio to 50 properties, inhabiting a range of locations across the country.

Mrs. Wallapa stated that over the next five years, AWC will unveil three landmark projects that are sure to enliven Thailand’s tourism industry. The first will be “ASIATIQUE THE RIVERFRONT DESTINATION” by the Chao Phraya River which is set to be Bangkok’s new iconic landmark on a location that boasts both historical and cultural value. This will consist of a Ritz Carlton Reserve hotel, JW Marriott Marquis and Ritz Carlton Reserve branded Residence, a serviced residence. The property’s retail zone and office zone are slated to open in 2024.

The second project is the “AQUATIQUE DISTRICT PATTAYA” a large mixed-use property in the heart of Pattaya that will house shopping and tourist attractions, five branded hotels, and two branded residences as well as a retail space and a wellness center in support of Pattaya becoming a world-class beachfront destination. The third project is the “Woeng Nakhon Kasem” mixed development, which will feature hotels, residences, and retail space. With an investment of more than 16 billion Baht, the project will preserve and showcase the charms of Bangkok’s China Town, inviting visitors to stroll through the city’s largest underground retail space, a historical path, and an entertainment avenue, all the while creating a destination that travelers from across the globe will be proud to visit.