Asset World Foundation for Charity under the Asset World Corporation Group organizes “Empire Tower We Run 2019 with Virgin Active”

22 November 2019


Asset World Foundation for Charity under the Asset World Corporation Group by Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, Chief Executive Officer and President of Asset World Corporation, together with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Virgin Active and entrepreneurs in the Sathorn area, organizes the charity run “EMPIRE TOWER WE RUN 2019 WITH VIRGIN ACTIVE.” is a part of the “GIVE GREEN CBD: SYNERGY POWER 2019” program for the seventh year, working alongside our partners and the general public to tackle environmental problems. To reduce pollution and use resources for maximum benefits, the partners have joined forces to share happiness with society and make the dreams of underprivileged children come true by giving the proceeds from charity events to disadvantaged youths in the form of school supplies, stationery, and sports equipment.”

This year, the run is divided into three categories: a 21-kilometer half marathon, a 10.5-kilometer mini marathon, and a 4.2-kilometer fun run. The route is from the Empire Tower Building on Sathorn Road and has the concept “Green Marathon Run One Cup” in which each runner will have only one water cup to use for the entire run to reduce waste and save resources. The winners in each category will receive trophies made from natural wood instead of non-biodegradable materials. All finishers will receive commemorative medals made of wood. Over 4,000 runners are expected to join the event.

Empire-Tower-We-Run-2019-Virgin-Active-01.jpg Empire-Tower-We-Run-2019-Virgin-Active-02.jpg Empire-Tower-We-Run-2019-Virgin-Active-03.jpg Empire-Tower-We-Run-2019-Virgin-Active-04.jpg