01 October 2021

Duties & Responsibilities

Job Purpose

Data Governance Managers improve quality and manage protection of sensitive data and information assets. The position focuses on establishing and ensuring adherence to a data governance framework for data policies, standards and practices to achieve the required level of consistency, quality and protection to meet overall business needs.


  • Evaluate requirements and problems with data including PDPA
  • Define guidelines for creating and maintaining data
  • Measure and report data quality
  • Document data in data catalog and data dictionary
  • Drive data awareness and training program


  • Exp. in data governance practices, business and technology issues related to management of enterprise information assets
  • Exp. in data related government regulatory requirements and emerging trends and issues
  • Experience in developing and operationalizing data based guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards
  • Exp. in data quality management, information architecture and governance design and implementation
  • Exp. in change management and strategies, including communication, culture change and performance measurement
  • Demonstrated ability to build cross-functional relationships that result in adoption of organizational change
  • Knowledge of cloud based big data frameworks such as data lake, relational, Graph and other no-SQL databases
  • Operational familiarity in the use of meta-data management, data quality, and data stewardship tools and platforms
  • Exp. in the use of data catalogues and data quality technologies
  • Exp. in managing enterprise data assets in a large, complex organization
  • Ability to understand and integrate cultural differences and motives and to lead virtual cross-cultural teams
  • Knowledge of industry leading data protection management and data quality practices
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