18 September 2021

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible to lead and manage engineering service and safety & security team as follow.

  • To control and operate the Mechanical & Electrical, Civil & Structure, and other operations systems of the property to ensure the best service operation. The responsibility includes technical planning, checking, and performing both corrective and preventive maintenance to ensure all the systems can operate properly and smoothly with high efficiency and comply with regulatory to best serve the tenants and customers, and meet the standard of all technical requirement and aspect.
  • Responsible for ensuring the safety and security structure and measurements related to health, assets, and company property/building is effectively put in place. Facilitate compliance with occupational health and safety (OSH) guidelines which includes safety and security of the workplace, operating systems, equipment, and tools. Provide advice on measures to minimize hazards or unhealthy situations. Be on a constant lookout for violations. 
  • Leads to control and operate a wide range of System to ensure smooth running of the business operation within the company procedures  
  • Set up the schedule in maintenance systems 
  • Drive and focus on operational excellence and on running the team’s services to an effective operate 
  • Manage and monitoring the License Renewal and relevant engineering permission document preparation in compliance with the law 
  • Manage supplier or contractor and oversee construction fit out work, include approve and co-sign to for tenant renovation or construction under rules and regulations as well as prepare TOR
  • Work closely and join as a working group for yearly building inspectors.
  • Master planning and schedule preventive maintenance plan.
  • Ensure corrective maintenance promptly be proceeded with best result to increase customer satisfaction, technical aspects, and timely delivery. 
  • Manage, control, and follow up the safety of our tenants & customers in compliance with the safety standards:
    - Provide advice and support their employees to follow our company regulations and guidance as prescribed regarding safety in the workplace.
    - Control and follow up to ensure the Contractors comply with the Company Policies, Plans and Procedures related to safety while working at the property.
  • Develop and prepare TOR and BOQ documents related to security matters & tasks.  
  • Prepare Emergency Plans, Yearly Safety Plans, and regularly review and update to ensure the alignment with related laws/policies/ guideline.
  • Prepare monthly emergency plan (fire evacuation Plan, suspect object plan, etc.) 
  • Prepare a fire drill plan for annual fire evacuation. 
  • Plan and Control annual budget.
  • Prepare status reports by monthly for gathering, analyzing and summarizing relevant information, tracks and works with others to resolve issues as well as risk to identify alternatives and solutions.


  • Knowledge with deep understanding of Engineering field, Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, legal & legislation.
  • Knowledge of Safety, Environment Management Systems and Energy Management System.
  • Attention to details, observation ability and risk assessment.
  • Good people management with effective supervisory skills.
  • Good Leadership, communication, interpersonal, and collaboration skills to manage team and work with others.
  • Decision-making and problem-solving ability and project management
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