29 January 2021

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Review Preliminary Costing for Project Feasibility purpose. Work with PD to collect requirements from BU and provide estimated Construction and HOE cost for feasibility study stage
  • Work with PD for tender strategies and planning aiming for budget achievement, including cost control of payment within approved budget and according to progress, and cost monitoring for additional/omission work (RVO) throughout Final Accounts
  • Manage contracts to be of international standard. Ensure issuing contract is suitable and accuracy.
  • Support Business Units on technical Procurements by monitoring and review each process step, and C&C need to endorse before further awarding to ensure procurements comply with company policy and guideline
  • Manage and control technical procurement for pre-opening of the projects
  • Revenue (PD) Management, control tracking to monitor PD for fee collections, and manage updating revenue report feedback to PD
  • Perform Inhouse QS for small/medium sized projects (up to 100 million). Provide effective QS work to support PD for small/medium sized projects
  • Bulk Purchase. Manage both Project, BU support and Technical procurement role to do bulk purchase when applicable


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in quantity surveying, Engineering or related field
  • At least 5 years’ experience in QS firm
  • At least 8 years’ experience in significant managerial leadership position
  • Knowledge of, and ability to apply facility philosophy, principles and technology, of the essential functions
  • Demonstrate competency in financial management
  • Tender & procurement with negotiation processes
  • Leadership in an interdisciplinary system thinking
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Background in building and technical knowledge with at least 8 years’ experience in significant managerial leadership position
  • Ability to demonstrate and provide examples of continuous personal development and improvement in each of the essential functions.
  • Having experience in supervising and managing a team effectively
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