23 June 2023

Duties & Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility 
•    Set up functional strategy and plan, as well as initiate corporate social and sustainability development programs to meet corporate’s strategy and goals. 
•    Research and analyse grant requests for partnerships, make funding recommendations, and interact with non-profit organizations and communities. 
•    Manage and monitor social development and sustainability situations/trends to ensure appropriate project’s execution, integration and alignment. 
•    Serve as the primary liaison to businesses and organizations that can benefit the AWFC via in-kind donations or other CSR projects/events. 
•    Develop communication plans for CSR projects and fundraising programs including content development and refinement, review with stakeholders, and coordinating collateral material.
•    Establish and maintain strong relationship with all stakeholders through regular visits or any form of regular contact to ensure the success of AWC CSR programs for social impact and good collaboration. 
•    Manage to ensure effectiveness of data collection system and timely provide data for various purposes as requested. 

AWFC Foundation 
•    Establish strong relationship with regular contact to gain insights from peers for foundation best practices. 
•    Establish and regularly review funding guideline, process and criteria of fund distribution. 
•    Ensure the compliance of AWFC in alignment with legislation for foundation verification.  
•    Streamline internal workflow with all stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness of operation and financial support. 
•    Engage and involve key stakeholders for brainstorm or resolve any issues regarding legislation and taxation. 
•    Initiate foundation training guideline to ensure The Gallery operation team operates the business in accordance with foundation legal rules and regulations.   
•    Lead all people-related strategies to include fostering effective team member and talent development for ongoing superior performance.


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