21 April 2023

Duties & Responsibilities

•Administer and review all related to reports; review OTB daily report of operating hotel, consolidating hotel daily report (pace report, geo source, cancellation, business on the book), headcount report, incident report submit to Risk management, update weekly revenue report on hotel performance analysis, monthly hotel overall performance presentation and capex status updates.

•Generates updates and analyze transient booking patterns and communicate restrictions / strategies to all properties; communicate key events affecting demand.

•Analyzing and Reporting Revenue Management Data, identifies current and potential opportunity, problems and proposes solutions.

•Analyzes period end and other available systems data to identify trends, future need periods and obstacles to achieving goals.

•Review and monitors P&L line items, comparing hotels to ensure best in class are used as new benchmark

•Maintains cost benchmarking & Productivity programs, ensuring data is up to date and useable

•Produces weekly reports of CHO on key issues and highlights in revenues and costs to focus on


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