18 April 2023

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Being a point of contact for HR System to provides full-service end-user support for systems users by troubleshooting problems, analyzing root cause, answering questions. 
  • Configuration permissions, access, personalization, and similar system operations and settings for HR services users. 
  • Manage and resolve defects in coordination with vendors. 
  • Contract & Payment: Lead renewal and payment of yearly contract.
  • Assists with the acquisition of complex data reports, summaries, and logs requested by senior executives and HR staff.  
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure convenient access to data/records and to implement standardized data entry.
  • Contact for all technical support (Vendor) of HR software. This includes testing applications and monitoring the work of personnel, as well as training staff and creating manuals on how to effectively and efficiently use the software and system. 
  • Coordinate and monitor information (Data migration template) entered the HRIS system. 
  • Works closely with key HR ser to support, train, improve system functionality & assist with future implementations.
  • Develop training materials and ad-hoc end-user support materials 


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in information technology, computer science or any related fields
  • 1-5 years’ working experience in HRIS
  • Strong understanding of HRMS database design, structure, functions and processes
  • Strong IT skills and knowledge of various reporting tools
  • Good command of English proficiency
  • Demonstrate proficiency in data accuracy to validate and maintain the data
  • Demonstrate proficiency in data analytics to analyse and interpret in simplified report/dashboard
  • Ability to partner and communicate clearly and concisely with all stakeholders
  • Strong technology savvy and adapt the new technologies to own areas/functions and share others
  • Demonstrate proficiency in process improvement in analyzing and improving the existing processes for optimization
  • Capable of project management in planning, organizing and managing projects to achieve goals
  • Broad knowledge in all aspect of human resources management and development
  • Strong interpersonal, problem solving, and organizational skills, great attention to detail as well as excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills
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