12 April 2023

Duties & Responsibilities

- Develops and leads the HR strategy for Total Rewards using compelling and equitable compensation and benefits programs aimed at attracting and retaining talent across an organization.
- Provides strategic leadership to execute design, implementation, communication, and administration of the company's compensation and benefits programs to ensure the C&B strategy aligns with company objectives and will attract, engage and retain top talent for the organization.
- Continuously evaluates the effectiveness of total rewards programs to ensure they are aligned with our business and talent strategies and monitor market trends to make recommendations for changes, as appropriate.
- Provide relevant compensation and benefits data and trend information to human resource business partners (HRBP) and business executives to help drive key talent and organizational decisions.
- Strategically partner with HRBP on compensation best practices and components of M&A activity regarding due diligence, retention, assessment and integration.
- Work closely with Finance leaders, as appropriate, to ensure effective decision-making, budget and execution of all benefits, bonus, merit and equity.
- Lead change management efforts related to total rewards efforts and strategies.
- Oversee the company’s job evaluation and wage and salary administration programs Maintain compliance with all regulations in the development and administration of total rewards policies, plans and programs to ensure all programs are administered in compliance.
- Oversee human resource information system to create short and longterm goals and objectives for system builds, operations, processes, data flows, security, reporting, and analytics.
- Provides strategic and operational direction for all HRIS Program Management activity.
- Manage a Planning & Analysis function for Human Resources – quantify and monetize the impact of HR performance across the organization.
- Design and produce dashboards and other analytic tools for HR to more effectively manage the HR operations and business.
- Analyze the HR people effectiveness scorecard data and trends.


- Bachelor's or Master's degree in Human Resources or any related fields
- 15 years’ working experience in Compensation & Benefit, Total Rewards
- Good command of English proficiency, with good computer literacy Demonstrate proficiency in strategic thinking to make decisions and provide innovation solutions to business units
- Demonstrate proficiency in data analytics to analyse and interpret in simplified report/dashboard
- Knowledge and understanding of Labour Law, Labour Relations & Strategy and Compliance
- Ability to creating and maintaining a positive relationship with employees
- Ability to partner and communicate clearly and concisely with all stakeholders
- Capable of budgeting and forecasting to manage people cost
- Demonstrate proficiency in influencing, coaching and consultation to provide guidance of the agreed solutions in the
respectful way
- Capable of project management in planning, organizing and managing projects to achieve goals
- Capable of service delivery in relevant to own accountability/functions to the organization
- In-dept knowledge of human resources management especially compensation and benefits
- Strong interpersonal, problem solving, and organizational skills, great attention to detail as well as excellent listening, verbal,
and written communication skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills and leadership skills to lead team
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