ASSET WORLD CORPORATION’s Code of Conduct pertaining to Anti-Corruption encourages anyone who notices illegal or non-compliant activities to “blow the whistle”. The Company gives its assurance that it will treat the information confidentially, take appropriate action to investigate the apparent transgression and remedy it in a timely manner. In each case, the whistleblower, or informant, is required to give a truthful account of the situation. On no account should anyone accuse anyone else of wrongdoing without proper evidence.

Disclosure of personal information

In order to protect the rights of the whistleblower and prevent bullying in response to the information they provide, the Company will conceal their name, address and any other identifying information. The Company will keep the information confidential among those responsible for investigating and remedying the complaint only.

“Related persons” who become aware of or gain information about any illegal or non-compliant activities are also required to keep that information confidential and not to disclose it to any others except those directly assigned by the Company to investigate. Such investigations will then be conducted in full compliance with relevant laws. In the event that the whistleblower does deliberately disclose relevant information to parties who are not authorized by the Company, remedial action will be taken against them in accordance with Company regulations and/or applicable legislation.

Security of personal information

The Company will keep each whistleblower’s personal information in a carefully guarded database, according to the following measures:
– Access to personal information of whistleblowers is restricted to designated investigators and authorized personnel only.
– The database will at all times be protected against intrusion or hacking by those accused or any unauthorized personnel.