Founded in 2018, AWFC coordinates all such charitable pursuits under one organization with a passionate mission to reinforce a positive impact in communities all across Thailand, as well as, sustain a full spectrum of natural and human resources for present and future generations.


To participate in raising the level of awareness for valued contributions to society and the country through continuous activities in alliance with major organizations.


Engage in activities under the program of “Give Green CBD Synergy Power” to build  awareness and responsibility to the environment, reduce pollution and enhance positive impacts on sustainable use of resources.


Creating organizational model committed to sustainability based on “ Business Harmonious with Society”  with emphasis on “giving” rather than just receiving to return benefits to all aspects of society directly and indirectly.


Supporting charitable foundation for children and schools in need as micro development, to be the GIVER that builds and fulfills dreams of children for better living and education in becoming the future strength of the community.


Join in synergy with partners to build strength and self esteem of all participants within AWC and external organizations in working together to conduct business with conscious for the environment, community, society and the country.

The Gallery is a Social Enterprise of art & design gift shops that features products created by Thailand’s very own community of talented designers, artists and entrepreneurs. True to its main ideal “Giving Art, Art of Giving,” The Gallery was created to donate its profit to support Thai artists and entrepreneurs to preserve and promote Thai culture.

Brought to you by Asset World Corporation, The Gallery’s main objectives are two-fold. With every purchase made, it is with “Giving Art” that we endeavor to not only benefit communities and humanitarian efforts across the country, but to also spread awareness of Thailand’s robust creative community. Thai artisans and craftsmen have long been renowned for their visionary ideas and meticulous techniques that continue to inspire and influence both Thais and visitors from all over the globe.  Embedded in Thailand’s rich history, the arts and their legacies will influence generations to come and drive the country’s cultural integrity.

The Gallery aspires to extend the “Art of Giving” to our customers who are our patrons.  The art of giving is rooted in the generosity of spirit that prevails in Thailand’s artistic communities.  Each unique product in The Gallery is a reflection of the particular locale’s distinct aesthetics, the essence of the people and their heritage. All this is what customers have the opportunity to take away, treasure at home and give to friends, passing on poignant experiences and preserving special memories timelessly.  Equally enduring, customers of The Gallery – our patrons benefit and contribute to the community and the people through their goodwill.

The Gallery takes great pride in the opportunity to showcase the works of Thailand’s creative communities presented on one converging platform.

Together we believe in catalyzing the power of “Giving Art and the Art of Giving.”