Embrace the infinite possibilities of the digital lifestyle, designed for your convenience and ease in both work and life

AWC, Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group, launches the “Pikul Application” mobile application and program, an innovation that connects “Office-Home-Hotel-Retail” to correspond to the “New Normal” lifestyle where consumers can “Work from Anywhere”. AWC’s core strategy is “Building a Better Future” with sustainable growth as well as creating value for all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees, and the society. AWC is ready to be the leading integrated lifestyle real estate group by connecting our businesses with the mobile application that will allow our consumers to experience a lifestyle with no boundaries.

Experience the Online Lifestyle to the fullest and connect your everyday life with various functions on the Pikul application


Shop online from anywhere with ease by downloading the Pikul application. Discover special products and services, including promotional packages, all available for purchase and payment using debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and mobile banking. This offers answers to every lifestyle, ensuring convenient and secure spending.

Get ready for exciting new features eWallet, which will seamlessly facilitate payments across the AWC affiliated business units enhancing by AWC Infinite Lifestyle Loyalty Program


Elevate your lifestyle with exclusive benefits from AWC affiliated hotels, resorts, office buildings, shopping centers, and wholesale businesses, as well as a diverse range of participating stores. Get ready to unlock impressive experiences and gain access to premium products and unrivaled services, like you've never seen anywhere else.


Participate in online activities through the Pikul application such as games, quizzes, daily check-ins, and many more to win special prizes. Or get access to special events held exclusively for Pikul users


Deliver happiness as a heartfelt gift to yourself or your loved ones easily through the Pikul application. Choose from various options such as dining packages, spas, afternoon tea sets, and more from AWC affiliated hotels and resorts, as well as other businesses within the AWC group across Thailand. These gifts are suitable for every occasion, whether it's a special day, an important event, New Year's Day, an anniversary, or just for your everyday lifestyle.

Sending your chosen gift is as easy as 1-2-3 as an E-Gift Card:

  • Download the Pikul application.
  • Select your desired package.
  • Send the gift to your friends and loved ones through Social Media, Chat, SMS, Email, and more.

5. SMART PASS (Coming Soon)

A feature that heightens convenience and security for tenants at AWC’s commercial buildings that allows you to scan your entry and exit from the building, store data of visitors, control access to the building by adjusting the settings in the application in which the tenant can specify the name of the building, floor, and the visitor’s information to issue a QR code for the visitor to display to the building staff upon entry.

6. REPORT & REPAIR (Coming Soon)

An online service to report fixtures and repairments for tenants at AWC’s commercial buildings via the Pikul application. Simply select the Report & Repair menu and specify your malfunction or maintenance issues along with your location and relevant details with the option of attaching supporting images and voice recordings for the staff in charge. You can also track the status of the repairment process.

Download the Pikul application via iOS and Android
For more inquiries, please contact info.awcinfinitelifestyle@assetworldcorp-th.com
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