Wholesale Properties ​

As part of our continuous efforts to create new business opportunities, we are developing an innovative wholesale market platform operating under two key brands: (1) the AEC trade center, and (2) AEC Trade Center Online (an online B2B platform which supports the AEC Trade Center). ​

AEC Trade Center​

Situated in Bang Pa-In district, Ayutthaya province, a strategic location with well-established road transportation links and multi-lane roads to the region, the AEC Trade Center was conceptualized as the first fully-integrated one-stop wholesale trade center and B2B trading hub in Thailand for products and services from manufacturers, retailers, exporters and logistic and financial service providers across various sectors in the CLMTV Region. The AEC Trade Center will provide comprehensive infrastructure and facilities to enable domestic and international trade for businesses located in Thailand and neighboring countries.​

AEC Trade Center Online​

AEC Trade Center Online is an online platform that is envisioned to be a complementary and supporting online channel that enables AEC Trade Center tenants, as well as traditional offline retailers, to establish an online presence with a global reach.